"Natures Way of Expressing What Is Physiologic"


Note the natural translucency, halo effects and internal characterization this porcelain restoration has simulating nature's beauty.

These are examples of the exquisite porcelain ceramic restorations we do for our patients. 

(Our patient D.H. is pleased with his full mouth reconstruction, thanks to Mike Milne, CDT, Sunrise Dental Laboratories, Las Vegas, NV, who is as passionate and proud of the dentistry we do together).

The aesthetic beauty of natural looking all porcelain ceramics is possible with today's technological advances, the skill of an experienced dental ceramist and dentist.

The appearance of the human dentition(teeth) and the human smile is important to many of our patients who previously had extensive dentistry and orthodontics.

Many of our patients desire a natural looking smile without the appearance of worn down teeth and dark lines and spaces.  Some desire to have the teeth appear whiter and brighter to enhance their appearance.  Regardless of style, Dr. Chan and his team are well qualified and experienced to meet your aesthetic/cosmetic needs in creating the smile that you will be please with.

There are certain universal laws of nature that allows a smile to look pleasing or a face to appear pleasing.  Based on natures proportions and universal bio-aesthetic laws, dentistry when done physiologically will result in something pleasing to the eye.

Karen, age 51 presented with generalized gum recession, worn down teeth, dark lines around previous crown margins, failing fillings and missing teeth.  She has been stabilized and symptom free for the past 4 years while wearing a lower removable anatomical orthosis 24/7.  After raising three high school daughters and getting off them off to college she is not ready to take care of herself, desiring to proceed to a finishing stage of comprehensive restorative dentistry.

A lower removable orthosis is maintaining Karen's bite at the neuromuscular (myocentric) position.  She is pain free and stable.


The anterior teeth have been rejuvenated with all porcelain ceramic restorations that have been bonded to her teeth.  No hidden underlying metal is used under these ceramic crowns, allowing natural light to reflect through the teeth and gum tissue giving them the vitality and natural appearance.




Karen wanted her teeth to appear natural.  She did not want others to notice her teeth. Dr. Chan and Mike, his technician, designed these restorations to match her life style, face shape, skin tones, and personal taste.

Notice the before and after facial appearance.  The neuromuscular bite position is one of the key subtle, but significant aspects that enhances the facial profile and lower one third of the face.  The porcelain restorations were the finishing touch to enhance Karen's smile and bite.



Case One  (Patient Ana T.)

Note the subtle overlapping of the anterior crowns purposefully done to create a more natural appearance.   Warm tones of color were added to match the style and age of the patient. Patient extremely pleased and happy. Many have commented positively about how natural her teeth appear in real life.


Another Dimension of Neuromuscular Dentistry





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