Many of our patients have a desire to complete their dental care after stabilization and optimization of their jaw joints with a smile enhancement techniques implementing advanced restorative methods and or orthodontic techniques to create a better and more pleasing smile. Comprehensive restorative procedures, as porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges are used to rejuvenate worn down, discolored and or missing teeth. These techniques are used only when necessary.

Dr. Chan has instructed and taught full mouth rehabilitation principles and techniques used in his practice to other dentist who come to learn his methods and techniques from around the world. These innovative aesthetic techniques are for those that desire to take their dental health to the next level.

Case One

Michelle had severe joint dysfunction and previous jaw joint surgeries which resulting in severe BB gun shot feelings going through her head. After removable lower orthotic therapy for 1 year she was able to proceed to a full mouth rehabilitation, rejuvenating the old discolored crowns, fillings and bridges.

Before Treatment

Michele's upper provisional (Mid Treatment) - Maintaining the bite at the neuromuscular position.

Her bite feels wonderful and her pain is no longer present.

After Treatment Restorations at the Neuromuscular Position


Case Two

Jeff has severely worn down teeth.  He came to a point in his life and career realizing that now is the time to find some answers to his teeth which was causing him to feel embarrassed and self conscious as a professional. Stabilization with a lower orthosis for 8 months with some minor upper arch orthodontics was implemented before treating his mouth with comprehensive restorative dentistry.

Before Treatment

Orthosis Stabilization for 8 months (Conditioning the patients muscles, joints and ligaments for the receiving of the crowns).

Before and After Treatment

Jeff is pleased with his new smile and likes they way they feel.

30 Years of Headaches …Gone. No Neck Pain.  No Shoulder Pain. No longer takes med's.

After the Bite is Stable

The precision of your bite (occlusion) is dependant on how stable are your supporting muscles and joints. Dr Chan is willing to take the time to properly stabilize his patients muscles before the finishing defining restorative dentistry is performed. Many of our patients who have experienced long term TMD problems are willing to spend the time conditioning themselves with an orthosis first. Once the muscles, joints and ligaments are properly conditioned and stable, Dr. Chan is willing to precisely prepare the teeth for final all porcelain restorations, by:

  1. Optimal bite stabilization techniques
  2. Optimal bite management techniques and
  3. Optimal 5 star bite finishing techniques

The all porcelain ceramic crowns are used to give stability and a natural smile for our patients. The bite is refined to precision using CMS, EMG and TENS to give our patients the smile and comfort they deserve.

The precision of the bite can be visualized by the blue marking paper (above) and confirmed with computerized jaw tracking and EMG technology.

Case Three

Mark had severely worn down teeth. He is 46 years old and felt it was time to do something about the appearance of his teeth. He is a business executive and interacts with business clients. He wants to project an improved smile.

Before (above) and after (below)

Minor orthodontics was performed with a modified lower expanding orthosis to create space for his crowed front tooth. Dr. Chan was able to create space and align the teeth before final restorative treatment.

Before (above) and after (below)

Note the procession of the occlusal paper marks during function and chewing. The anatomy of the crowns are preserved and minimally adjusted since the bite has been already established (myocentric) and properly managed with the lab. The precision of the contact marks support optimal muscle stability to minimize fatigue and failure. It has been over 3 years since initial crown placement with no problems. Mark is very pleased and satisfied.

Each case is objectively measured and refined with EMG and jaw tracking technology that assists the doctor in analyzing and removing micro occlusal torques that are often unseen by the naked eye. This method objectively and methodology assures the doctor and patient a quality result. Taking Dentistry to Another Level and Beyond! It's Not Just Gnathology.... It's Not Just Neuromuscular.... It's Plain Dentistry!

Clayton A. Chan, D.D.S. and Mike Milne, CDT - Sunrise Dental Laboratories (Division of Micro Dental Laboratories), Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

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