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Dr. Chan is noted as a leading authority and teacher in Neuromuscular Dentistry and Occlusion in North American and abroad. Many are interested in his extensive knowledge of occlusion and how he applies the occlusion prinicples in clinical practice. He teaches these principles and techniques related to aesthetic restorative, Orthodontics and TMD dentistry to those who are seeking answers to the every day routine dental challenges in dentistry.

Dr. Chan has been lecturing and teaching extensively for the past 10 years to dentist, hygienist, team members and dental specialist including orthodontist, prosthodontist and oral surgeons.

When he is not teaching he is either in private practice seeing patients and or away lecturing to dental organizations, study clubs, and specially arranged dental meetings.

Numerous doctors and teams have been positively changed by the inspiring teachings and concepts Dr. Chan presents. The teachings and concepts he presents are revolutionary, thought provoking, and logical.


Dr. Chan’s Lecture Schedule for 2010

April 15-17
Pacific Dental Conference, Vancouver, BC
“Update on Physiologic Occlusion”
(2 Lecture Presentations)


Lecture Schedule for 2008

January 16
Toledo Dental Society - 4895 Monroe Street, Suite 103, Toledo, Ohio 43623-4349. (416) 474-8611

"The Power of Neuromuscular Occlusion " - 1 Day All Day Program

May 23-25
J. Morita, Tokyo, Japan –  Beginner and Advanced Neuromuscular/ICCMO Japan Group

Lecture series on the Evolution of Occlusal Proprioception, Occlusal Management Protocols, Recognizing the Class IV Interference and Orthopedic Verticalization mechanics. A focus given to Jaw Tracking (CMS - Computerized Mandibular Scanning) Interpretation.

June 6
Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland OH - International Hotel & Conference Center, 9801 Carnegie Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44106

"Recent Advances in Optimal Occlusion" - 1 Day All Day Program


office 440-646-1330

July 18-19
Myotronics 42nd Anniversary Seminar, Seattle, WA

"Dentistry at the Next Level:  The Importance of Managing the NM Bite with Micro-Occlusion from Phase I Orthosis to Phase II Orthopedic/Reconstruction" - Lecture

Grand Hyatt Seattle, 721 Pine Street, Seattle, WA 98101

206-774-1234 or 800-233-1234


Lecture Schedule for 2007

January 16
Societe Dentaire, Quebec, Canada (La scociété dentaire de la Vallée du Richelieu) - 1 Day Lectura
An Overview of Neuromuscular Occlusion

February 21
American Equilibration Society (AES)- 52nd Annual Meeting Chicago, IL - Chicgo Marriot Hotel on North Michigan Avenue

Overview to Neuromuscular Occlusion - Lecture

April 20-22
J. Morita, Tokyo, Japan – Advanced Neuromuscular Group/ICCMO Japan – Lecture series on Neuromuscular Occlusion and Cosmetics.

May 4
Excellence in Dental Education – White Plains, New York, “Update on Physiologic  Occlusion”

September 28
ICCMO – International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics, Las Vegas, Nevada, “NM Complete Oral Reconstruction: Maximize Time Effort and Precision of Occlusion”.

November 9
ACE Aesthetics (Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics), Scottsdale, AZ – “Update on Physiologic Occlusion”  (Bridging the GAP with Neuromuscular Dentistry with Gnathological Principles)


Lecture Schedule for 2006

April 8-9
Tokyo, Japan - J. Morita
"Principles of Neuromuscular Occlusion and Bio-Instrumentation"

April 15-16

Osaka, Japan - J. Morita
"The Power of Neuromuscular Occlusion"

April 20
Houston, TX – The Star of the South Dental Meeting.
"The Power of Neuromuscular Occlusion "

April 20
Houston, TX – The Star of the South Dental Meeting
Occlusion Panel... "Controversies on Occlusion as it Relates to the Practice of Dentistry"

Myotronics 40th Anniversay - "Advanced Bite Registration Techniques: How to Minimize Adjustment and Aggravation"

July 22
Myotronics 40th Anniversay - Getting the Bite Right: Fabricating and Transfering the Orthotic to the Articulator - Clayton Chan, D.D.S. and Bill Wade (Neuromuscular Dental Technician).


Lecture Schedule for 2005

January 6-9
Derek Mahony – Orthodontic Program, the Flamingo, Las Vegas from Thursday 6 January 2005 to Sunday 9 January 2005.  The role of Neuromuscular Occlusion in TMD, Restorative and Orthodontic/Orthopaedics.

January 21
Northern Virginia Dental Society (NVDS), Neuromuscular Occlusion, Fairview, Marriot, Virginia

February 11
LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY – ALUMNI PROGRAM 2005 The Two Faces of Occlusion- Clayton Chan and Jeff Brucia

The Role of Neuromuscular Occlusion in the TMD, Restorative and Orthodontic/Orthopedics

March 11
Pacific Dental Conference, Vancouver

Neuromuscular Dentistry – A Scientific Overview – All Day Session

March 12
LVI Calgary Study Club – Questions and Answer Time with the Doctors

March 26-27
Osaka, Japan – Advanced Group, “Getting the Bite Right” – Using and implementing the Optimized Scan 4/5 and Case Reviews.

April 2-3
Tokyo, Japan – Advanced Group, “Getting the Bite Right” – Using and implementing the Optimized Scan 4/5 and Case Reviews.

April 28
Pankey/Dawson Study Club of Dupage in Chicago

Jim McKee invitation for a 1 days lecture with Myotronics, Clinical Application of Occlusal Science, Considerations of Occlusion and Condylar Positioning, Treating the Neuromuscular Complex, and Clinical Application of Electronic Instrumentation

July 23
IACA – San Diego, California – 2 hour Lecture Presenation Neuromuscular Occlusion

July 29
Sydney, Australia LVI - Occlusion I - What Every General Practitioner Needs to Know – 1 hour 30 minute lecture.

July 30
Sydney, Australia Occlusion I (day 2) – All Day Lectures – Introduction to NM Dentistry, How the Stomatognathic System Works,  Demonstration of the TENS Bite, Wrap up.

July 31
Sydney, Australia – LVI Occlusion I – the Meaning of the Mount

October 28
Aurum Ceramics Seminars - Moncton, NM – Clinical Application of Occlusal Science – All day lecture.

October 29
Aurum Ceramics Seminars - Charlottetown, PE – Bio- Physiologic Role of Neuromuscular Dentistry – All Day Lecture.






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